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A powerful therapy that uses universal energy to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column. Aligning the physical body allows the whole system to function optimally.

​This treatment is ideal for misalignment of the physical structure, painful joints, back pain, acute and chronic physical dysfunction, and any related emotional or spiritual connections to the physical dis-ease. ​

Benefits include: deep rest for the nervous system, skeletal realignment, pain relief, improved sleep, mental clarity, a greater sense of lightness, inner stillness and calm​. The energy has its own intelligence, meaning that it will work wherever it is needed for the highest good of the recipient.

Powerful and effective, this non-invasive method does not involve any manipulation. The healing session takes place on a treatment table where the person lies on the back, ​fully dressed and optionally covered with a sheet or blanket.

​Where it is felt that there is an emotional blockage in the body, an emotional healing therapy is be silently applied to release and dissipate th​e related trauma​​.​

I do not diagnose.

I do not promise healing will occur, just as a doctor or physiotherapist will not. Your body's organizing intelligence determines how it will use this energy.

An energy healing session works alongside other treatments from doctors or practitioners of conventional or complimentary medicine.

Initial session and consultation: €222 Duration: 90 Min.

Subsequent sessions: €200 Duration: 60-75 Min.

Distant healing (after initial in-person session): €111

The Atlas is the top vertebra of the spine, upon which the scull rests, and where the brain-stem connects with the spinal cord. Any slight misalignment in this vertebra will be reflected throughout the whole system, manifesting as migraines, balance issues, dizziness, pain in the neck, shoulder, spine, and even down to a misaligned pelvis, knee problems and more.


This can happen during childbirth, whiplash injuries, or can even be caused by muscular tension, chronic postural misalignment or minor traumas.


This treatment is totally non-invasive and does not involve manipulation - instead the body is offered the optimal circumstances to realign itself.


Three energy sessions are required before this session can take place.

Session: €222

Duration: 90-100 Min

A simple yet powerful technique that dissipates and releases emotional blocks. The mental and emotional conditions that we often wish to shift or change can result from life-experiences, fears, trauma, negative conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Emotional blockages hinder the realisation and fulfilment of our goals and can have a strong influence on personal life and behaviour. Through these sessions, the participant gains more self-confidence and empowered ways of acting.


Since emotional blocks often manifest in physical discomfort, clearing these states can also facilitate physical healing. This method has great results in shifting physical pain.

These sessions create an internal emotional shift that produces positive changes in all our relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves.

Results are accomplished without having to share or re-live the original trauma, story or memories.

This method is a wonderful stand-alone therapy for individual or group sessions.

One to one session: €111 Duration: 60-75 Min

Three sessions are generally recommended - package price for three sessions: €299

Package price for Hands-on Healing

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