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Each individual will have a different experience of the sessions, but everyone will receive what they need. Our bodies have an innate intelligence that knows how to utilise the energy received in the sessions, for the best possible outcome.


We approach the sessions contemplating what can improve, rather than what is 'wrong'. Afterwards, notice the subtleties, and notice what you no longer notice.

What People Say..

Fybromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

"I slept for 8 hours instead of the usual 4, my head felt much clearer and the sciatic pain was reduced. My brain fog cleared and I had less muscle pain." YC

Car accident causing whiplash, brain fog and pain

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. You have magical energy in your hands. I slept for 7 hours straight which hasn’t happened for many years!”
after 2nd session: “I felt stronger, much more energetic, and had no pain, fatigue or fog!” DP

Insomnia, shoulder hip and back pain

“I had the best sleep I’ve had in months! No head chatter during the night, only woke up once, and shoulder pain reduced even more today. This is definitely working!” GO

Autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthrtis

“I had the best sleep I’ve had all week! I was already more comfortable last night, and even more this morning. The swelling has gone down in the knee, and my hands feel better.” PG

Ex. Pro footballer, injuries to knee and pelvis

Immediately after session: “The pelvic pain has reduced from ‘red’ to ‘orange’ and the knee pain has gone.”

Next day: “I was able to play football without being in pain” MA

Palliative care patient, late stage cancer, very restless, delirious, unable to sleep

“V slept much better last night and everything has been easier this morning. He’s much more lucid and sleeping again now.” (Message from Wife)

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