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Louisa Collyns

Louisa is an empathic and gifted healing channel, with the ability to impart a stillness and calm to those she treats.


Throughout Louisa’s life she has been involved in helping to improve people’s physical and emotional health, which can be seen through her background as a movement practitioner specializing in rehabilitation, a body worker, a freediving instructor and professional safety freediver, and an underwater dancer.


Louisa had worked with various forms of energy to facilitate healing and create wellbeing (Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Integrative Quantum Medicine) before she discovered amazinGRACE and SKYourself. But it was only when she experienced the demonstrable and dramatic healing resulting from these two modalities, she realised she had found the missing link she was seeking. It was clear that this was a way that she would make real and lasting differences to people’s pain, misalignments, physical and emotional health. This was the key to healing and change.


Described by her clients as having magical hands, that create calm and transmit kindness just with her touch, Louisa continues to be amazed by the results of these beautiful healing methods.

Crespy photo of dolphin dance.jpg
Louisa and a spinner dolphin
Photo: Lily Crespy
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