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 energy healing

Energy medicine unlocks your life-force to activate your body’s natural healing potential

Calm Sea


Louisa Collyns

I have been lucky to have had four treatments with Louisa Collyns. I was tormented by pain in my back and in my right arm when Louisa started treating me. I must admit that I in the beginning was sceptical, but after 20 minutes of treatment every doubt about receiving a healing treatment went away. I experienced a level of relaxation I have rarely felt before. After each treatment my pain gradually disappeared.

I wish I could describe what it is Louisa does, but actually it does not matter at all if I can put words on it or not; one does not have to understand everything in between earth and heaven. The point is that it works. I found myself letting go and letting her do what she does so well, and after six months I still have great benefits from her treatment.

Louisa has a special talent. She is an incredible woman who can change your condition, help your well-being and give you a great insight into your inner self. Dear Louisa: I cannot thank you enough for your way of being and for your skills in healing. SP

Shrimp Cave long island Daans foto_edite
Photo: Daan Verhoeven

This is a highly effective energetic healing method, with measurable results, that activates your body's SELF-healing process and inner life-force energy.
Powerful, fast and effective, this non-invasive method does not involve any manipulation. 


This therapy energetically adjusts the Atlas vertebrae. Perfect alignment of the Atlas can remove causes of back pain, scoliosis and headaches, and lead to a multitude of whole-body benefits.

Silent Counselling provides rapid emotional healing without having to re-live the original story. This allows the release and dissipation of emotions, traumas, phobias and behaviours that are blocking our full enjoyment and success in life.

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