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activating your own self-healing mechanism

We are energetic beings. We vibrate and exude frequencies. To affect people energetically is to affect them physically.

A b o u t  m e . .

healer, freediver, teacher

Louisa is an empathic and gifted healer with the ability to impart a stillness and calm to those she treats.


Throughout Louisa’s life she has been involved in helping to improve people’s physical and emotional health, which can be seen through her background as a movement practitioner specializing in rehabilitation, a body worker, a freediving instructor and professional safety freediver, and an underwater dancer.


Louisa had previously worked with various forms of energy to heal and create wellbeing, but when she discovered amazinGRACE and SKYourself - and experienced the demonstrable and dramatic healing that these two modalities produced - it was clear that this was a way that she would make real and lasting differences to people’s pain, misalignments, physical and emotional health. She discovered the key that had been missing.


Described by her clients as having magical hands, that create calm and transmit kindness just with her touch, Louisa continues to be amazed by the results of these beautiful healing methods.


AMAZINGrace is a highly effective energetic healing method, with measurable results, that activates your body's SELF-healing process and inner life-force energy.

Powerful, fast and effective, this non-invasive method does not involve any manipulation. 

amazinGRACE® uses universal energy to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column. Aligning the physical body - bringing it back into its natural blueprint - allows the whole system to function optimally.


Ideal for joint and back pain, acute and chronic physical disfunction, and any related emotional or spiritual connections or manifestations of this physical dis-ease. Results are generally dramatic and stable. 

Most clients experience significant relief from pain and dysfunction as well as a new-found lightness of being and an enhanced sense of emotional equilibrium.

amazinGRACE® cont..

amazinGRACE® practitioners accomplish this by intentionally communicating with each person's core vital energy, activating the clients own healing ability. Once a client’s blueprint is re-established, the body adjusts immediately in line with its natural architecture. 


amazinGRACE® is a proven spiritual-energetic healing method with clear and tangible results.

The energy healing can be practiced on adults, children, babies, and animals.

I do not diagnose.

I do not promise healing will occur, just as a doctor or physiotherapist will not.

An energy healing session works alongside other treatments from doctors or practitioners of conventional or complimentary medicine.

Initial amazinGRACE® healing session and consultation: 150€ Duration: 75-90 Min.

Subsequent sessions: 90€ Duration: 60-90 Min.

Distant healing: 50€

KAR® – Karmic Atlas Release

The Atlas is the top vertebra of the spine, upon which the scull rests, and where the brain-stem connects with the spinal chord. Any slight mis-alignment in this vertebra will be reflected throughout the whole system, manifesting as migranes, balance issues, dizziness, pain in the neck, shoulder, spine, and even down to a misaligned pelvis, knee problems and more. This can happen during childbirth, whiplash injuries, or can even be caused by muscular tension, chronic postural misalignment or minor traumas. This treatment is totally non-invasive and does not involve manipulation - instead the body is offered the optimal circumstances to re-align itself. Three amazinGRACE sessions are required before this can take place.

K*A*R*® – Karmic Atlas Release: 90€

Duration: 90-100 Min


SKYourself is an emotional healing therapy, allowing for the release and dissipation of emotions related to traumas, phobias and behaviours that can be causing blockages in our full enjoyment and success in life.
The client can realise their inner strength to deal stressful situations with ease and equanimity. The resolution of emotional blockages allows for full physical health.
This method is often used silently during an AmazinGrace session where it is felt that the body is manifesting an emotional blockage, but it is also a wonderful stand-alone therapy.

SKYourself® Session: 90€ Duration: 60-75 Min

what people say...

"I had the best sleep I’ve had all week! I was already more comfortable last night, and even more this morning. The swelling has gone down in the knee, and my hands feel better."

-P.G. rheumatoid arthritis, flare-up

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. You have magical energy in your hands.I slept for 7 hours straight which hasn’t happened for many years! I felt stronger, much more energetic, and had no pain, fatigue or fog!”
- D.P. whiplash injury


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